Novel: The Lost Orchid

THE LOST ORCHID is a Gothic-inspired tale of intrigue and adventure set in 1885, when orchidmania was its peak.

Affluent members of society would bid feverishly for the latest exotic blooms, plucked from the remotest parts of the empire by intrepid, and often ruthless, plant hunters. 

Visit Pams blog dedicated to The Lost Orchid to find out more:

  •     the secret life of plant hunters
  •     the characters in the book
  •     real-life settings
  •     the true story of orchidmania
  •     the plight of ‘fallen women’
  •     events of 1885
  •     true stories of ‘lost orchids’
  •     the author
  •     the Great Game
  •     mad botany - other horticultural crazes, and two further adventures featuring Flora and co.
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