Friday, 13 February 2015

Orchid boost

One of the best sites for butterfly orchids in Wales is benefiting from the ‘Grow One Sow Ten’ appeal which has unlocked £7,000 of funding.

The Cae Blaen-dyffyn nature reserve, and the Coronation Meadow for Carmarthenshire, will see improved access as well as funds for ongoing conservation grazing and tree work, thanks to operator CWM Environmental Limited. 

Wild flower seeds will also be collected from the nature reserve to create a new wild flower meadow next to the reserve.

In another story from Plantlife, it reports on its battle against cotoneaster that’s invaded the pristine habitat on Portland in Dorset, which has resulted in the happy return of white orchid Autumn Lady’s-Tresses and other native beauties such as Portland Spurge, fire-dot lichen and Horseshoe Vetch. 

The garden escapee smothers wild flowers but worst hit of all are the rare and intricate lichens and mosses that give Portland its international importance. It’s been clearing large areas of Penn’s Weare on the East coast of the island, thanks to funding by SITA Trust and support from Dorset Wildlife Trust.

Butterfly orchid
Autumn Lady’s-Tresses

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