Saturday, 19 July 2014

Orchid round-up

Orchids are making headlines in the UK. 

Protected orchids caused Oxfordshire County Council to spend an extra £6,000 on Kennington roundabout.

Spotting orchids at Sewingshields, Northumberland

Life on the Celtic Fringe

Orchids of Danebury Hillfort

Precious jewels to discover in Derbyshire

Keltneyburn Meadow volunteers counted individual flower-heads of some of the wildflowers, such as the Twayblade Orchid (Neottia ovata) and Bird’s-nest Orchid (Neottia nidus-avis).

Bee orchids at Wakehurst

Abundance of spotted orchids in Sussex still a mystery

Rarity in lovely world of orchids in the Isle of Wight

Two small orchids is a crowning achievement in a four-year long effort to create a hay meadow in Barnard Castle

Amazing displays of orchids including Heath Spotted orchids on a Coastal Exploration in Cornwall 

By Pamela Kelt 

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