Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Zoom in on orchids

Orchids take centre stage in a new film called Darwin and his Fabulous Orchids.

It’s a polished nature movie about a naturalist’s journey through evolution, with the aim of introducing new audiences to the world of orchids in a novel and rather impressive way.

It is a ‘full-dome’ show that sheds light on their significance for Charles Darwin’s findings about the origin of species. Carl Zeiss has obtained exclusive distribution rights.

A joint production of the ‘Mediendom’ (media dome) of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, the Botanical Garden of the Christian Albrecht University; and the Tilt Design Studio in Hamburg, it was supported by the Volkswagen Foundation and realised with assistance from German planetariums.

It represents a bid to enhance the aesthetic appeal of dome projections.

A total of 50 minutes in length, it is suitable for families, and features 3D computer-animated graphics in a new and engaging way. The trailer will make your head spin. It is in German and ‘English’, although the portentous voiceover may not appeal to all.

Carl Zeiss has obtained exclusive distribution rights.

By Pamela Kelt

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