Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Designs on orchids

Given the name of this blog, I had to spread the word about Orchid Mania, an orchid exhibition with a difference.

A group of local designers at Cleveland Botanical Garden has created a series of imaginative vignettes featuring orchid displays in dramatic interiors.

Get orchids off the windowsill, they designers, and try framing them as art, setting them in a bookcase or even hanging them upside down from the ceiling.

The room created by In Design, “Cabinet of Curiosities,” featured a large bookcase that, instead of books, held light pink and deep pink orchids and jade green pots.

One of the most unusual rooms came from Kidist Getachew of Cleveland, who suspended an egg-shaped, futuristic-looking chair above a path of orchids.

Orchid Mania continues at the botanical garden to 9 March.

A video features some of the more colourful designs.

The image is just for fun - it's the frame from an 18th-century portrait of Napoleon, 'photoshopped' with a simple orchid in a pot. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

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