Friday, 17 January 2014

Aussies and orchids

Australian orchid fans are in the news again, with the sighting of a rare orchid.

One couple spotted a website photo of the rare hyacinth orchid in Naracoorte and drove from Melbourne (nearly 300 miles) to photograph it for themselves, according to a press report.

He said the couple he encountered travel all around Australia taking pictures of different orchids, uploading them to their Retired Aussies website. It’s a wonderfully colourful site for sore eyes, especially if you’re from the northern hemisphere.

Although some hyacinth orchids grow in the area, this is the first sighting at this location.

Local orchidmaniacs ensure the plants stay untouched, marking their location with paint and even making sure potentially damaging mowers don't interfere with the plant.

By Pamela Kelt

PS If you’re interested, the name Naracoorte (above) has gone through a number of spellings, and is believed to be derived from the Aboriginal words for place of running water or large waterhole.

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