Friday, 2 August 2013

Moth orchid database

Taiwan is creating a database to compile a comprehensive list of predicted molecular markers for moth orchids. The aim is to prevent future variety rights disputes, a local researcher claimed.

According to the Taipei press report, with mature technology and a standard operating procedure, they group is sure it can establish a 200-variety database by the end of the year, according to Chang Hui-ju, an assistant researcher at the Taiwan Seed Improvement and Propagation Station.

There are about 400 moth orchid varieties grown in Taiwan. The Council of Agriculture’s Taichung-based station has been developing the technology for the past three years, while liaising with experts in the Netherlands.

The station is also planning to apply the technology to other plants.

Orchids are one of Taiwan’s most important agricultural exports. Sales of Oncidium orchids showed the biggest annual increase of 25 per cent, while sales of moth orchids increased 16 per cent.

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