Monday, 15 July 2013

Y is for Yorchids

A Yorkshire Council is doing its bit for orchids this summer. Grass verges alongside a 600m stretch of Manvers Way will remain uncut for the next two months after an observant visitor spotted hundreds of beautiful bee orchids.

They are growing near the bus stop across from Century Business Park. According to the local press, RSPB representative Benjamin Whitworth, said: “We have a fantastic colony of these orchids growing in an area that is unthinkable, due to its location next to a main road.”

And in other news, remember the sad tale of some over-zealous pipe laying in a Yorkshire field on Orchidmania in December?

But I heard from a fellow orchidmaniac last week, that although there is a certain amount of damage, the sight is quite spectacular. Ruth King’s husband took this lovely shot, overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety. 

Ruth wrote: ‘I'm so just pleased to have seen them myself that its good to know they may now be seen by many more. We had had a great time in Millington Pastures nearby, another wonderful site for both orchids and other flora so this was the icing on the cake on the way home.’

I love a happy ending.

By Pamela Kelt

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