Friday, 19 July 2013

Spiritual flower power

We all know that the practice of sending flowers is as old as civilisation itself. Flowers, with all their infinite variety and beauty, carry meanings outside of the rational and material experience. Because they are alive, they are like us, temporary passengers on an exhilarating ride. But they are also connected to parts of nature that we never experience.

Arijit Sarkar has written a fascinating little article on various flowers and their significance.

Orchids relate to a spiritual breakthrough. When this happens, purchase an orchid or accept one as a gift and put it in the sunlit place where you spend the most time. ‘Orchids mark events and track a span of time.

‘If your orchid wilts away, it only shows how far you are moving beyond certain accomplishments. If it thrives, you maintain the plateau you have achieved. Either state of being is fine; think of the orchid as a clock where midnight and noon are marked in the same location.’

All I can say is, whenever I finish a book - or get one published - I buy an orchid. It’s become a tradition in this household.

The orchid pictured was an unexpected thank you gift from The Hub, a local writers' group where I dropped by to chat about my first ever book to be published. It's still flowering and has new flower stems coming through. The book is Tomorrow's Anecdote, a retro newsroom thriller that I wrote at the very desk you can see. It's rather special to me as it was semi-autobiographical - apart from the murder!

By Pamela Kelt

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