Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Recycling, orchid-style

A quirky tale from La Palma landed in my digital intray this morning.

Rather than toss unwanted orchids at the end of season, condo residents have found a way to put the flowers to good use.

Unit owner Lance Schelhammer began collecting non-flowering orchid plants last season and suspended them into trees around the pool.
Residents returned to a flowering, gorgeous orchid garden. They plan to continue the scheme next year.

At first, the flowers were installed in traditional wooden-framed baskets, but in time, there are hopes they might grow on their own for a more natural look.

Lance said to local press: ‘There’s nothing quite like an orchid.’

 Can’t disagree with you there.

Caption: Darwin's original greenhouse, complete with orchids in traditional square baskets.

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