Monday, 9 July 2012

Sir Winston’s ‘lost’ orchids
Some said that if Sir Winston Churchill had chosen painting instead of statesmanship, he would have been a great master.
Some of his works these days fetch serious money, such as a previously unknown oil on canvas by the wartime leader, Still Life With Orchids.
Churchill gave away the work to Margot Sandys, the young wife of his daughter’s father-in-law, was the recipient in 1936.
The depiction of orchids is described as ‘technically accomplished’ by experts and is going on public view this month.
A Royal Horticultural Society source suggests that they are Cattleyas with a Miltonia.
The 46 x 38cm painting is on show at the Masterpiece London exhibition at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea and is expected to fetch about £495,000 when it is sold via private bids.